Asymmetrical skis

Hard track skis

Soft track skis

The axes of beads on the ski tip and ski tail aren't perpendicular relative to the longitudinal axe of the entire ski. The ski tip and tail are asymmetric.
On the hard track skis the each bead axe is directed in the way, which assure the internal ski edge to be shorter than the external. This makes the last push off phase more effectively. Moving ski gradually exchange the long sliding surface with a shorter one (the whip effect). This also increases the controllability hinders the side sliding, because track push points are closer to the boot.

For the soft track ski it's especially important to provide equal ski pressure overall sliding surface. But at the last push off phase the push is completed with boot toe. By the traditional ski this increases on the track pressure by the fore ski part. That means the ski is braking. By the new ski the fore and heel bead axe has a direction, which provide internal edge to be moved ahead and the external edge to be moved to the ski tail. This assures more equal pressure distribution along the ski from the first up to the last push off phase while skating.
Asymmetrical tip doesn't collect the snow lumps at the last push off phase from the track surface outside the ski trajectory.

By the way, the ATOMIC Company has produced the ski with asymmetrical tips breaking our copyright. After certain letter exchange the producing of these skis was stopped. ATOMIC Company has experienced the bankrupting procedure and was bought 1994 by a finish company.

İAlexander Ryazanov, 1985-2002