The twisted tip form ski ("Propeller")

traditional ski

"propeller" ski

The ski tip is scrolled towards its external edge. The scroll radius of the external edge is less than the radius of the internal edge. At the last skating push off phase (when the ski is leant) this provide the tip-sliding surface to be parallel to the track surface.

When the ski tip encounters the track rough and /or the snow lump, the ski tip doesn't detour the wanted trajectory (Rx=0), consolidates and equalizes the track before it would be skated by other ski part and decreases the tip vibration. When the tip eventually collide with a solid side snow coming out the track sides (it often takes place by overtaking or massive starts) the tip doesn't caught the snow and more effectively rises over snow surface.

Twisted-tip provide easy ski sliding over an rivals ski. And also twisted-tip ski can be easy pulled out from under rivals ski.

Ski run over an obstacle: traditional ski (yellow) and twisted-tip ski (blue).

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