Sloping side ski ("parallelogram")

track phase
push off phase

standard ski
traditional ski

new ski
new ski

This ski construction has a series of advantages, which provides the higher effective ski use for skating.

The force P and the resultant force q are directed towards to each other.
The new ski construction brings this forces in the only along the ski directed surface, eliminating the torsional forces. This reduces the shank torque force allows to use the boots without the hard and high boot tops or significantly to reduce the requirements to them.
The obtuse angle of the internal edge damps the on track ski strikes and reduces the raking up of snow on the ski.
For the stable ski position and straight move without the aside ski sliding there are needed much less skier forces and attention even on the hard iced tracks.
The ski tests performed by the famous skiers and biathlonists, among those there are the world champions, have corroborated the mentioned advantages.



Variations of ski cross-section, according to patent.

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